G.R.A.W 2 Demo is now on Marketplace

31 01 2007

The Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 demo has now been posted on Marketplace. Of course the demo is free, but is only available for Xbox Live Gold Members. It is also available in all the regions that Xbox Live covers. The size of the file is 625 MB. This one looks pretty interesting, I haven’t downloaded it yet but I plan to sometime tonight or tomorrow, this is when I wish we had a bigger hard drive!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


New Xbox Live Arcade Titles Coming!

30 01 2007

New Xbox Live Arcade Titles are headed our way. A list released by the guys over at Gamerscore Blog tells us of some famous titles headed to the Xbox Live Arcade beginning in February. These titles include Alien Hominid HD, Paperboy, Root Beer Tapper, Worms and more. Though no exact date was clarified as to when these titles will be released, these are some very interesting titles that I cannot wait to see in the Arcade.

Link to the Gamerscore Blog press release:

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

I need more achievements!? Ok your right…

30 01 2007

Haha look at this one sent to me by Corran125 and his partner in crime Arizona Jedi. I guess I knew this one was coming after I saw there was an app where you can make your own achievement label. Look at this:

Alright I guess I do need more achievements. Now achievements=rewards (see post below) which means Im going to attempt to get more achievements.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

News Just In Courtesy of DeaconBlade….Rewards for Achievements?

30 01 2007

That’s right you read the post correctly, rewards for achievements! Now when you hear my favorite noise, you may actually win something. As far as I know Microsoft/Xbox is teaming up with some sponsors and starting a program in which you will actually get rewards for achievements. This will be a free program and you just have to play games and earn achievements. Wow this is going to be interesting for Knuckles Dawson now because this is just an added bonus since he gets at least one achievement per day. Now I guess this will be a little more motivation for me to grab an achievement besides the satisfaction of hearing my favorite noise and racking up some points that really didn’t do anything up until I heard this. This program is going to launch next month sometime.

Courtesy of DeaconBlade 360:

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Xcast Episode #18 Recorded on January 26th 2007 with DeaconBlade 360

27 01 2007

Welcome to Xcast Episode #18

Wow this was a big show, co hosting the show this week was:

-Founder of the original 7 Xbox 360 Laws.

-Creator of the world famous Unscripted360.com and Unscripted360 the podcast

-MVP on the Xbox.com forums.

-Winner of the Xbox Community Member of the year over at the 2006 Gamertag Radio Community Awards.

-Xbox Live Ambassador who is always willing to answer any one’s questions about the service or the console in general.


We talked about all of the news…that we could find going around the industry. I also let everyone know what kind of podcasting equipment I use and what podcasts I subscribe to. I asked Deacon what games he is looking forward to in the new year, what he thought about certain things going around the industry, questions about his show and whatever else I threw in last minute because of the lack of regular news this month. A good time was had by all and I’m looking forward to have Deacon back on the show again soon. I also played a piece of listener mail I received from Corran 125.

Do you want to bring up something for me to discuss on the show? Do you have an idea how I can improve the show? If so then email me your ideas, my email is frank@theman661.com, or you can send me voice messages to my Xbox Live Account.

Download Episode #18 here!

Thanks for listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Links For Things Mentioned In The Show:

This one, I found surprising…

26 01 2007

Looks like the competition is desperate, or at least Sony is when trying to promote Gran Turismo HD. They used a screenshot from the Xbox 360 Hit title Project Gotham Racing 3 or also known as PGR 3. You can see a screenshot of Sony’s promotion here (courtesy of Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson) and here is the original screenshot (pictured above) from PGR 3. They took a screen from PGR 3 from the game’s designer Bizarre Creations. Now thats just desperate, or at least I think so. This is a definite topic for me and Deaconblade 360 to discuss on Episode #18.

PS: Is anyone else having problems finding their friends games on the XBL section of the Crackdown demo? Ill talk about this more on Episode #18.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Xcast Episode #17 Recorded on January 22nd 2007

23 01 2007

Xcast Episode #17

I talked a little about the Colts game…that is going to be an interesting super bowl, cant wait for that one. I also went over news like the COD 3 map pack release gone bad, I announced a new contributor to my blog Dan aka adrenaline96 and I went over anything else I could find going around the industry. Want to hear anything new on the show, want to start a discussion send me a message on my Xbox Live Account which is of course TheMan661 or send an email to frank@theman661.com. Stay tuned next week for Xcast Episode #18 with special guest host Deaconblade 360 from the Unscripted 360 podcast.

Download Episode #17 here!

Thanks for listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Links Mentioned in the Show: