Here is a list of questions that people normally ask me when they first visit the site:

1. Who are you?

Well first of all, my name is Frank and I run an Xbox 360 Podcast. Im just a regular Xbox Live community member running a podcast dedicated to the Xbox Live community. The show is called Xbox Live’s: TheMan661’s Xcast or just the Xcast for short. It is a weekly show and in it I will give news, have a few interviews and guests hosts and things like that.

2. What is a podcast?

Wikipedia has a great definition of what a podcast is.

3. What is a blog?

Wikipedia also has a great definition of what a blog is.

4. How can I contact you if I have an idea for the show?

If you have an idea for the show or you want to be an author on the blog you can email me at my email address which is frank@theman661.com. You can also send me messages to my Xbox Live Account which of course is TheMan661.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


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