Xcast Episode #29 Recorded on Friday April 13th 2007 with Chris Paladino

14 04 2007


First off I would like to wish Justin a Happy 25th Birthday. This week the entire team was present along with a special guest, Microsoft’s own Xbox and Games for Windows Community Manager Chris Paladino. This week we discussed all the latest news going around the gaming industry. More specifically we talked about the Gears Update aka Annex, the Spring Dashboard Update details, the Halo 3 Beta, we gave you our opinion on the Guitar Hero 2 Packs, if the Gears update ruined the game or not, Justin also added some more details to his “If Exclusive Games Matter” post. For this weeks Achievement Addict section, we helped you earn 10 Gamerscore in each Virtua Tennis 3, and the XBLA Version of Texas Hold ‘Em. Lastly since Chris had to cut out early; Me, Tony and Corran sang Happy Birthday to Justin.

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Xcast Episode #28

7 04 2007

This episode I kept watching over my back since I did not have the protection of a Jedi this time. Justin could not join us due to his Internet being fried for now, good luck with that Justin. I did have with me Corran125 and Tony aka CooLHandM3. We talked about the Xbox 360 Warranty receiving a patch, the Gears update that we are all looking forward to, some new Medal Of Honor Airborne Screenshots, we gave you a review and a lot of news on Guitar Hero 2 and threw in whatever else we could find going around the industry. For this weeks opinion segment we talked about a question that Tony posed to us this past week: What franchises would we like to see on the 360? Also we helped you earn some achievements in Guitar Hero 2.

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Xcast Episode #27 Recorded on March 30th 2007

30 03 2007

Xcast Episode #27 is now here and everyone is present and is featured in much better quality. We went over the Xbox Live Maintenance, Justin’s onslaught of PS3 related posts, the new Halo 2 map announcement and we gave you some listener comments and read off WonderRob’s Itunes review.

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Xcast Episode #26

26 03 2007

Xcast Episode #26 is here. This episode I had Nelson Rodriguez from Achievement Junkie on the show as well as Arizona Jedi and Corran125. This episode we talked about the Xbox 360 Elite, the rumor of Microsoft buying Take Two, Devil May Cry 4 for the 360, Xbox Live Security, gave you a bunch of game reviews and much more.

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Xcast Episode 25 Recorded on March 18th 2007

19 03 2007

This episode I almost had the full Xcast team on the show. I had two out of the three members of the team not including myself, Arizona Jedi and Tony aka CooLHandM3. This episode we talked about news from the site, the achievement system, backwards compatibility, Halo 3 and much more. This episode Arizona Jedi talked about his new found salvation in the PS3 and how he sold his Wii to get one, sounds crazy? I agree. Also this episode we gave you some community news and gave you our thoughts on “The 300”. One more thing, sorry for the audio quality of my guests, we are trying to work on perfecting Skype for the next show.

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Outro music-“How to Kill a Brand” by Doc Adams.

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The Worst Achievements

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Xcast Episode #24 Recorded on March 12th 2007

12 03 2007

Here is Xcast Episode #24 Recorded on Monday March 12th 2007. This episode I welcomed Corran125 and Arizona Jedi to the site as blog authors, I talked about a few GDC announcements, I went over the Unique Users chart for the week of March 5th, gave you some help earning the Car Juggler achievement in Crackdown for this weeks Achievement Addict section, went over some new marketplace content and threw whatever else I could find into the episode as well. EDIT: This weeks arcade title is TMNT, I forgot to mention it ;).

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Xcast Episode #23

6 03 2007

Here it is, Xcast Episode #23! This week I had a number of special guests on the show: Tony aka CooLHandM3, Arizona Jedi and Corran 125. Can you find the PS3 in stores? How about the cheaper version? I welcomed Tony aka CooLHandM3 to the site team. We gave you a way to get a copy of Crackdown. We also talked about the new XBLA release Alien Hominid and our thoughts on it. We also threw in everything else we thought of into the episode.

Intro/Outro Music-“Orthodox Pleasure” by “Bit Rationale” provided by podsafeaudio.com.

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EDIT: You have to watch the videos from the 300 on the Video Marketplace, the movie is releasing March 9th in theaters, so watch the clips for a chance to win Crackdown. Also we were referring to the PS3 skit in “The Video Game Show” Episode #26

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