Xcast Episode #29 Recorded on Friday April 13th 2007 with Chris Paladino

14 04 2007


First off I would like to wish Justin a Happy 25th Birthday. This week the entire team was present along with a special guest, Microsoft’s own Xbox and Games for Windows Community Manager Chris Paladino. This week we discussed all the latest news going around the gaming industry. More specifically we talked about the Gears Update aka Annex, the Spring Dashboard Update details, the Halo 3 Beta, we gave you our opinion on the Guitar Hero 2 Packs, if the Gears update ruined the game or not, Justin also added some more details to his “If Exclusive Games Matter” post. For this weeks Achievement Addict section, we helped you earn 10 Gamerscore in each Virtua Tennis 3, and the XBLA Version of Texas Hold ‘Em. Lastly since Chris had to cut out early; Me, Tony and Corran sang Happy Birthday to Justin.

Want to see changes made to the show? Want to start a discussion for next week? Post your comments here or email frank@theman661.com.

Download Episode #29 here! (Right-click and click save target as for PC download)

Links to things mentioned in the show:

Please refer to the site archives for all other stories mentioned.

Thanks For Listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




7 responses

15 04 2007

Awesome episode. I liked the discussion about the upcomming 360 keyboard controller. I think I am going to have to pass on that one. It is not a price issue or anything, I just dont really see the need to Instant Message someone whilst playing videogames. If i really wanted to do that I would press pause, head to my compy and IM someone. But thats just me. I already have my headset, why would I need to IM my friends anyways?

Aquaman sucks!

15 04 2007

Thanks, that is true about the whole instant messaging but if the developers used that in their games I could use that to type those annoying forms and things in sports games and stuff.

15 04 2007

If by “sucks” you mean totally awesome. Ya Aquaman sucks alot.

15 04 2007

No… by “sucks” i meant he is a worthless character and superhero.

15 04 2007

Hey nice episode guys, i think i will agree with i think it was what tony said, and that is if a lot of my other friends get the keyborad then i will defiently get it also, but if my other friends dont, then hey, whats the point? Also, I have to agree with corran how i dislike the “packs” of guitar hero songs, buying them by themselves would be much better. So justin, I don’t count eh? I would like to see you come to another gears community game, oh wait, you dont have gears… wow, who turns in gears like that? Anyway, i like to play with you again somtime… bty, x-men are a team of fictional comic book superheros who are born with superhuman abilities.


15 04 2007

You live in MD tony? I’m in Northern Va….just graduated from Mason (final four!)….and i wannna leave cause i hate traffic.

Frank…I didn’t say segs…I said segue (pronounced Segway)

15 04 2007

I know now that I look at it, that is what I was thinking in my mind, somehow thats not what I said, thanks for pointing that out 😉

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