Mission Statement

Alright now here is a little bit about me. You may just come and listen to my podcast thinking that this is just another Xbox 360/Microsoft Podcast, but let me tell you its not just any old 360 podcast. I myself do not work for any major gaming publisher or Microsoft. So when I say I am giving you the gamer’s perspective on things I Mean IT!. I give you all the regular news you could hear anywhere else but I also try and put my spin on things and I try to be the voice of you the regular gamer. I will give you what I think as a regular gamer myself. I will also throw in reviews, news, interviews, leaderboards and more…. So if you would like to voice your opinion about something to do with the gaming industry as a whole drop me a email at frank@theman661.com. Alright enough about me. I hope you enjoy the show!


Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


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