Whammy Bars Have Been Repaired!

14 04 2007

This morning I powered up Guitar Hero to play some Career and I had to update it. So I was playing and I realized the little bit of delayed reaction from my whammy bar was fixed. Hmmm just a coincidence? I really don’t think so. So maybe it wasn’t the actual guitar after all. I am going to do a little more digging around to see if there is some official announcement about this update. At first I thought it was multiplayer over live…hey I can dream right?

EDIT: Here is the official announcement about the Auto Update here. All whammy bars should now be fixed.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




2 responses

18 06 2008

It seems like you spooked yourself mate.

3 07 2008

Could anyone help me solve this problem? Bought a guitar for xbox on ebay a few weeks ago. Worked fine to start, now the keys on the bar gets a delayed reaction when pressed. Changed batteries – checked batteries – no problem with batteries. What does it mean? Can it be repaired? Or is it just some update like Frank’s problem above?

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