Podcast Recording Equipment

Tons of people have asked me to tell them what kind of recording equipment I use so here it goes:

First I use a free recording software called Audacity and of course I need a computer to record it to so I use a Dell Latitude 110L. I record it all via a USB Audio Codec, which you can pick up at a local electronics/audio shop. Its basically an RCA input to a USB out.

 To cue up all of my sound effects and everything like that, I use the Numark IDJ

The microphones I use are an Audio-Technica ATR30 a Vocal Microphone, which I used before I got my mixing board, now I use it if I have an extra person or two there. The microphone I use now is a Samson C01 Condenser Microphone.

A major part of the audio quality of my show is the mixing board I use. The mixing board I use is the Behringer Eurorack UB802. This mixing board is great little mixing board that usually sells for $50 US. It allows for phantom power which is used to power most condenser microphones.

So there you have it that’s what I use to record my podcasts. I will be updating this page as I get new equipment.

 -Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


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21 02 2007
Arizona Jedi

Great post here Frank, this is exactly what I was wondering.

TheMan Rules!

21 02 2007

Haha no problem

17 04 2007
hey can you record form xboxlive controller?

thank you

18 04 2007

It is possible to record from an Xbox Live Controller, you have to buy a connector from radio shack or a store like that. It will have a plug that fits in a phone jack and a place to put in a 1/8 inch stereo jack like for headphones and things. Then you have to buy a 1/8 inch to 1/8 inch plug one end for the port on the connector and the other for your PC mic jack. This will only work one way, you cannot speak to the person that you are recording. I use this setup to record voice messages for the podcast.

2 03 2009

I have been looking into recording voice chat from xbox live. I got this one product from radioshack that is supposed to record from a cell phone normally but the quality was so poor on the cell phone and xbox live that i am about to return it.

Theres an option also for a recorder that basically is put into your ear and its just a second line that you use for recording but i doubt its ability with the normal xbox live headset. Best bet is to get that and a new headset that you can pump up the volume on.

Here is the radio shack thing, if you want to try it or tell me a good idea, just leave another comment here… i will be watching it:

25 06 2010
Andy R

We also wrote an article on podcast recording equipment, with a slightly different angle from your post. People can check it out here. Top 4 Equipment Choices to Improve Your Podcast Recordings

6 01 2011

is the video good quility

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