The Xcast Official Blog Has Been Moved…Again….

18 04 2007

Yep we have moved to our own server. The blog is beginning to really grow and I figured we need something a little more expandable than So I bought a hosting package for the site and I am running WordPress on it. Now to visit the blog, you have to go to It is no longer a domain forwarder.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


Doing A Little Housekeeping…

17 04 2007

For those of you that normally visit the blog through, you will not be able to as you probably can tell. No the show did not fall off the face of the Earth, we are just doing some somewhat major upgrades to the site which will hopefully be done before this weekend for the show.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Calling All Artists!

15 04 2007

I figured its time to redesign the Xcast Itunes page with a new logo. So if you are interested in designing a logo for the show get in contact with me via email (, post a comment here on this post, and of course you can contact me over Xbox Live.  I am pretty sure you all know my Xbox Live Gamertag.  

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Whammy Bars Have Been Repaired!

14 04 2007

This morning I powered up Guitar Hero to play some Career and I had to update it. So I was playing and I realized the little bit of delayed reaction from my whammy bar was fixed. Hmmm just a coincidence? I really don’t think so. So maybe it wasn’t the actual guitar after all. I am going to do a little more digging around to see if there is some official announcement about this update. At first I thought it was multiplayer over live…hey I can dream right?

EDIT: Here is the official announcement about the Auto Update here. All whammy bars should now be fixed.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Xcast Episode #29 Recorded on Friday April 13th 2007 with Chris Paladino

14 04 2007


First off I would like to wish Justin a Happy 25th Birthday. This week the entire team was present along with a special guest, Microsoft’s own Xbox and Games for Windows Community Manager Chris Paladino. This week we discussed all the latest news going around the gaming industry. More specifically we talked about the Gears Update aka Annex, the Spring Dashboard Update details, the Halo 3 Beta, we gave you our opinion on the Guitar Hero 2 Packs, if the Gears update ruined the game or not, Justin also added some more details to his “If Exclusive Games Matter” post. For this weeks Achievement Addict section, we helped you earn 10 Gamerscore in each Virtua Tennis 3, and the XBLA Version of Texas Hold ‘Em. Lastly since Chris had to cut out early; Me, Tony and Corran sang Happy Birthday to Justin.

Want to see changes made to the show? Want to start a discussion for next week? Post your comments here or email

Download Episode #29 here! (Right-click and click save target as for PC download)

Links to things mentioned in the show:

Please refer to the site archives for all other stories mentioned.

Thanks For Listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Red-vs-Blue… Hey I remember them!!!

13 04 2007

People who are a fan of the series can relate to this one.  Master Chief has his world philosophy on XBOX Live. According to our friends at episodes 1-5 are available for a whopping 80 Microsoft points.  Check it out and let me know how you like it. 

 Tony(aka CoolhandM3)

Behold the World’s Most Expensive Xbox 360

12 04 2007

Most Expensive 360

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– Arizona Jedi