WonderRob’s Itunes Review

26 03 2007

Since I was running out of time on the show, I figured I’d give this Itunes Review I have received a little more mention. WonderRob a listener of the show said this:

Entertaining and Informative

“TheMan661’s podcast has kept me entertained every episode. TheMan, ArizonaJedi and CoolHand provide informative reviews on current titles and Xbox Live Arcade downloads. Plus they kept it entertaining when they make fun of Corran125. I would recommend this podcast for anyone looking for a little “info-tainment”.”


Wow now there is a review, thanks WonderRob for taking time out of your day to represent for the show on Itunes.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


I need more achievements!? Ok your right…

30 01 2007

Haha look at this one sent to me by Corran125 and his partner in crime Arizona Jedi. I guess I knew this one was coming after I saw there was an app where you can make your own achievement label. Look at this:

Alright I guess I do need more achievements. Now achievements=rewards (see post below) which means Im going to attempt to get more achievements.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)