Fall Dash Update Is Almost Here! The fall dash up…

31 10 2006

Fall Dash Update Is Almost Here!

The fall dash update is being launched on Tuesday October 31st at 5:00 am here in New York. (This varies from timezone to timezone). You will automatically recieve the update as soon as you login to xbox live. Here is a full list of features for the new dash update. I cannot wait for the dash update even though it is only a few hours away! The new features are going to be awesome. New Podcast is being published soon!

P.S. I was about to record a podcast tonight when I recieved word that the dash update is taking effect tomorrow, so I will wait and podcast about the new features in the dash update.


-Frank (Gamertag:TheMan661)


Check out the new Gears Of War Commercial

27 10 2006

Gears of War Commercial

Check out the new Gears of War Commercial here.

This content is rated M for mature audiences only!

Episode 6: For the week of October 22nd 2006 This…

26 10 2006

Episode 6: For the week of October 22nd 2006

This episode I discussed news as to why xbox live was down for maintenance. I gave some info on the new dash update(dont expect that until the end of the year). Also I went over a PS3 article I found.

As far as game reviews go: Lego Star Wars 2


Splinter Cell Double Agent

Download Here

Hope you enjoy! Got an opinion? Email me at frank@theman661.tk

For My New Listeners-Introduction of TheMan661 Al…

25 10 2006

For My New Listeners-Introduction of TheMan661

Alright now here is a little bit about me. You may just come and listen to my podcast thinking that this is just another Xbox 360/Microsoft Podcast, but let me tell you its not just any old 360 podcast. I myself do not work for any major gaming publisher or Microsoft. So when I say I am giving you the gamer’s perspective on things I Mean IT!. I give you all the regular news you could hear anywhere else but I also try and put my spin on things and I try to be the voice of you the regular gamer. I will give you what I think as a regular gamer myself. I will also throw in reviews, news, interviews, leaderboards and more…. So if you would like to voice your opinion about something to do with the gaming industry as a whole drop me a email at frank@theman661.tk. Alright enough about me. I hope you enjoy the show!


Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Welcome to the new blog format! See I told you I …

25 10 2006

Welcome to the new blog format!

See I told you I would update the blog! This is my new blog which i will post all xbox 360 news manually instead of a hard to edit automatic blog. So this will help me customize the blog a little easier!

Thanks For Listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)