Xcast Episode #11

26 11 2006

Welcome To Xcast Episode 11

-I welcomed Special guest hosts Nelson and Natalie from the Planet Xbox 360 Podcast to the show.

-Gave you a Wii review (havent played PS3 yet)

-Went over some ideas going around the gaming industry

-Announced some new marketplace content

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Happy Birthday Xbox 360!

22 11 2006

I would like to wish Xbox 360 a Happy 1st Birthday. Please check out the new shows featured on the brand new video marketplace in the Media blade.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Xcast Episode #10

19 11 2006

The Xcast is now entering double digits, thank you for listening. This episode I talked about the PS3 and Wii launches, as well as the wireless steering wheel and HD-DVD Player being released and much more… This episode I also reviewed…

Sorry no interviews this episode but there are more coming don’t worry! Send all of your comments about the show to frank@theman661.com.

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Thanks for listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Links to Items mentioned in the show:

Wireless Steering Wheel
HD-DVD Drive
Knuckles Dawson’s Podcast

Shoutout to CoolhandM3

Zune Going to out sell Ipod this Holiday season?

16 11 2006

(Courtesy of a Google Image Search)

Alright here is what I think about this whole issue. It depends what people are looking for at what price. The Zune holds video,music, has a built in radio tuner and wi-fi capability*. The price point of the Zune is 250 dollars (not sure for how much storage*) Now an Ipod Video sells for around 350 dollars (I think base storage is a little more storage than Zune, not sure), If you buy music from the Itunes Music Store, it comes in a protected format so it cannot be used for any other device except if you burn it to a disk which gets kind of annoying after the first disk or two. But the Music Store supposedly is one of the biggest if not the biggest online music stores around. So I guess we are going to have to wait and see this holiday season, though a nice thing about Zune is since the dash update it is very compatible with the 360 (wi-fi). So thats my take on it, wait and see.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

*Visit the Zune website for more information on the Zune and Apple’s website for more information on the Ipod.

Happy Birthday to the X that started it all, the original Xbox!

14 11 2006

Wow can you believe it? I sure cant, on November 15th the console that started Microsoft’s jump into the console wars, the original Xbox turns 5 years old! Check out what some gamers had to say here. 6 days after this birthday, we have another birthday in the Xbox family, the Xbox 360 turns 1 year old and as we all now HD/Standard Definition Movies for rent and TV Shows are published on marketplace. So keep your eyes open for that!

Xcast Episode 9

13 11 2006

Xcast Episode 9: Happy Official Emergence Day and the first Xcast Interview!

This episode as you can tell from the title was the first Xcast Interview with interview candidate Knuckles Dawson! Also Happy Emergence Day, Check out Marketplace for some new Gears Of War content. As far as news goes, Is Sony running there mouth, along with EA?-two seperate links. Also remember to check out Knuckles Dawson’s site. Feel free to email me: frank@theman661.com to let me know what you think. Ill see you around in the Gears lobbies! Download Episode 9 here!

Sorry about the shaky editing job with the beginning intro, I wanted to bring the content to you faster and I tried to launch it on Sunday, but server problems got in the way, so I didnt preview it as much as I normally would have.

Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Is Gears stealing the spotlight this week?

12 11 2006

Over the past week many great titles have been released. These titles are Gears Of War,Call of Duty 3, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and Viva Pinata.(sorry if I missed any) Of all these titles, Gears is said to have been the most popular. I feel as though the other games released this week arent recieving as much attention as they should be. Gears is a great game, dont get me wrong but please be sure to check out the other titles that also released this past week.