Xcast Episode 9

13 11 2006

Xcast Episode 9: Happy Official Emergence Day and the first Xcast Interview!

This episode as you can tell from the title was the first Xcast Interview with interview candidate Knuckles Dawson! Also Happy Emergence Day, Check out Marketplace for some new Gears Of War content. As far as news goes, Is Sony running there mouth, along with EA?-two seperate links. Also remember to check out Knuckles Dawson’s site. Feel free to email me: frank@theman661.com to let me know what you think. Ill see you around in the Gears lobbies! Download Episode 9 here!

Sorry about the shaky editing job with the beginning intro, I wanted to bring the content to you faster and I tried to launch it on Sunday, but server problems got in the way, so I didnt preview it as much as I normally would have.

Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




2 responses

24 11 2006

Hmm, an interview with Knuckles, yet no direct mention of APKJester? That’s just disturbing if you ask me. Seeing how his streak is alive because of me and all. Oh well, I guess I remain the “Most Known Unknown”.

26 11 2006


I also got my Xbox360 without a pre-order.

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