Xcast Episode #11

26 11 2006

Welcome To Xcast Episode 11

-I welcomed Special guest hosts Nelson and Natalie from the Planet Xbox 360 Podcast to the show.

-Gave you a Wii review (havent played PS3 yet)

-Went over some ideas going around the gaming industry

-Announced some new marketplace content

Download Episode 11 here!

Links for Episode 11

Please post reviews for the show on the Itunes Music Store! (link will open Itunes and take you to the Xcast page)

Listener Call In Line:1-206-339-4661 (not toll free)
Email: frank@theman661.com




2 responses

27 11 2006

Thanks for the shout, although it seemed you weren’t too excited to give it.

“I get no respect!”


27 11 2006

Yeah, Jester I see what you mean, I have a limited amount of space on the server so I was sort of rushing, but I will bring it up again next episode when I have plenty of time.

Thanks for listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

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