Annex Ready To Be Delivered

9 04 2007

Epic has announced that the free Gears of War update we talked about in the last show will be rolled out tonight April 9th 2007 (of course) at 4:00 PT, 7:00 EST. This will include the new gametype Annex (with respawns) and I hope that it will fix some glitches as well. We will see!

EDIT: Major Nelson has posted some more details on the Gears AU here. This included a line that I like to see, “General: Addressed a number of possible exploits in multiplayer.” Exploits? I hope he is talking about Roadie Run, Chainsaw Glitch, Weapon Slide…..the list goes on. -Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)


Our beloved Gears of War will be getting an update.

3 04 2007

Will you be playing?

Check it out at :

 Tony (aka CoolhandM3)

Gears Of War Tournament

29 03 2007

For all of you who have kept a copy of Gears Of War and maybe possibly are still playing the game, well here is an official Xbox sponsored Gears Of War Tournament for you.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

First Halo, Now Gears of War the Movie

20 03 2007

Gears of War is such an awesome game that a movie is just fitting.  I am anxious to see if it will be a CGI film or a film with extensive special effects.  Either way I am excited about this game coming to film.  I only pray it will enjoy the same success as the Resident Evil franchise.  We will see.

Check out this link from for more details on who will be bringing this to theatres.

Tony (aka CoolHandM3)

GOW Achievement Update!?

6 03 2007

I got this one from Xbox 360 Fanboy posted by David Dreger aka Knuckles Dawson. Are you sick of not being able to unlock achievements in GOW Player Matches? Are you even thinking about getting rid of Gears because of this? Well think about that for a second. There is a rumor going around that soon you may be able to unlock achievements for online play with your friends in Player Matches. Also there is a rumor of a few new maps and weapons coming out for Gears as well. Now these are just rumors, but you never know they could be true. If that is true, I cannot wait because then I would play Gears of War more often to unlock some more achievements while playing with my friends.

(Via Xbox 360 Fanboy)

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Gears Downloadable Content to be Free?

15 12 2006

Wow I was amazed when I heard this one. It is true, the title of this post is for real! This surprised me that Epic may give us FREE downloadable content for one of the hottest titles released this year. I don’t even care if its just a theme or gamerpicture its FREE. I guess I’m not used to this. I know EA started giving out some FREE downloadable content but of course I didn’t have the game 😦 So if this starts happening, this may change my view on the marketplace in general.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)