News Just In Courtesy of DeaconBlade….Rewards for Achievements?

30 01 2007

That’s right you read the post correctly, rewards for achievements! Now when you hear my favorite noise, you may actually win something. As far as I know Microsoft/Xbox is teaming up with some sponsors and starting a program in which you will actually get rewards for achievements. This will be a free program and you just have to play games and earn achievements. Wow this is going to be interesting for Knuckles Dawson now because this is just an added bonus since he gets at least one achievement per day. Now I guess this will be a little more motivation for me to grab an achievement besides the satisfaction of hearing my favorite noise and racking up some points that really didn’t do anything up until I heard this. This program is going to launch next month sometime.

Courtesy of DeaconBlade 360:

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




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