This one, I found surprising…

26 01 2007

Looks like the competition is desperate, or at least Sony is when trying to promote Gran Turismo HD. They used a screenshot from the Xbox 360 Hit title Project Gotham Racing 3 or also known as PGR 3. You can see a screenshot of Sony’s promotion here (courtesy of Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson) and here is the original screenshot (pictured above) from PGR 3. They took a screen from PGR 3 from the game’s designer Bizarre Creations. Now thats just desperate, or at least I think so. This is a definite topic for me and Deaconblade 360 to discuss on Episode #18.

PS: Is anyone else having problems finding their friends games on the XBL section of the Crackdown demo? Ill talk about this more on Episode #18.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




One response

29 01 2007

sony is such a n00b! how can they think PS3 is better than 360? it has worse graphics, worse game (at least for now) worse community, and worse support in terms of accesories and updates for technical problems

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