Xcast Episode #28

7 04 2007

This episode I kept watching over my back since I did not have the protection of a Jedi this time. Justin could not join us due to his Internet being fried for now, good luck with that Justin. I did have with me Corran125 and Tony aka CooLHandM3. We talked about the Xbox 360 Warranty receiving a patch, the Gears update that we are all looking forward to, some new Medal Of Honor Airborne Screenshots, we gave you a review and a lot of news on Guitar Hero 2 and threw in whatever else we could find going around the industry. For this weeks opinion segment we talked about a question that Tony posed to us this past week: What franchises would we like to see on the 360? Also we helped you earn some achievements in Guitar Hero 2.

Download Episode #28 here!

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Links to things mentioned in the show:

Please check the site archives for the other stories mentioned.

Thanks For Listening!

 -Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




5 responses

7 04 2007

nice show boys, really enjoyed this one. just want to respond to a couple of things, first of all, if a gears of war movie is published.. i could finally die in peace, because that will probably be the greatest thing to EVER happen to me. Secondly, I totally agree with all of you about having those old Mario games come to the 360. It would put a whole new revolution to the 360, but, again, its probably not going to happpen. Tony, i will be joining you in the Best Buy demo spot playing guitar hero til I get my pay check. lol.


7 04 2007

Thanks for the response Proxer, I agree, a Gears movie would be pretty sick, looking forward to plying on live soon.


7 04 2007

great episode as usual. but there was something extra special about this episode. something that made it great. maybe you added something extra? or maybe it was because something was ABSENT from this episode. Hmmm… haha!

8 04 2007

O man I wonder what your talking about

8 04 2007

Ya WonderRob was absent from that episode. Good call WonderRob.

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