Any Franchises you guys would like to see on the 360….

5 04 2007

TeamXBOX created their list that you can see at

 But what games would you like to see on the 360.  I think I will compile a list and send it to Microsoft.  I personally think that we should definitely have Chess.  That is a given.  I would like to see Final Fantasy XIII also and possibly even BlasterMaster from the Nintendo days.  Tell me what you think!!!! 

-Tony aka CooLHandM3




4 responses

5 04 2007

Chess for sure ha, I would like to see Metal Gear Solid on 360 now that would be sick.

5 04 2007

Chrono Trigger, actually I would like to see that on any console, but also a nintnedo game becasue I need a real controler.

6 04 2007

Ha I really do wish super mario bros came to live arcade, but it wouldnt happen

6 04 2007

that would be cool. Luigi!!!!!

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