What Did Everyone Do During the Downtime?

28 03 2007

Unless you locked yourself in a room with the lights off while Xbox Live was down yesterday, you would know that the downtime went longer than expected. I was wondering what you guys did during the day. Maybe took a step outside for the first time in a year or two (ha just kidding). This will be a topic on the show for sure, post your responses.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




4 responses

29 03 2007

I read a book! “total money makeover” by Dave Ramsey. That book is good and now i’m on a plan to get my finances in order. Looks like my xbox game purchases are going to have to suffer 😦

29 03 2007

Wow a book hahah. I should pick that up for points on saving money for my games since Corran and Justin tell me I dont have any good games.

3 05 2007

it was down yesterday…do u know why it was down and …..how long was it down please respond

10 05 2007

Sorry for not responding to your comment, our site has been moved (www.theman661.com), this is an old post.

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