Xcast Episode #26

26 03 2007

Xcast Episode #26 is here. This episode I had Nelson Rodriguez from Achievement Junkie on the show as well as Arizona Jedi and Corran125. This episode we talked about the Xbox 360 Elite, the rumor of Microsoft buying Take Two, Devil May Cry 4 for the 360, Xbox Live Security, gave you a bunch of game reviews and much more.

Download Episode #26 here.

Want to see something improved on the show? Want to start a discussion? Email me at frank@theman661.com.

Links to Things Mentioned in the Show:
(Also check site archives for most stories mentioned)

Thanks for Listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




4 responses

28 03 2007

Since Corran didn’t really review the game, here’s a REAL review for all the fans out there.


28 03 2007
30 03 2007

damn arizonajedi… you’re hating on our reviews? Good show guys. Thanks for having me on.

30 03 2007

Ha, No problem Nelson, hopefully I have worked the Skype issue out 😉

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