Microsoft Speaks About Stolen Live Accounts

22 03 2007

Most people have been lucky enough not to have this problem, but some people’s Xbox Live Accounts have been stolen. The people this happened to, believed that their account was hacked, well Microsoft says this is not the case. They say Xbox Live Accounts have not been hacked, that it was because of a “phishing” problem. So whatever you do, do not give out your Live ID and Password to anyone that asks for it. This has me thinking a little though. I don’t think that many people would actually give out their password for their account. I’m not saying that I think the service was hacked or anything just that I don’t think people would do that if they valued their account. Check out what Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson and Aaron Greenberg aka BIGVIP had to say about the issue:

(Thanks CQ Slick)

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




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