Shivering Isle

20 03 2007

Oblivion achievements have just been updated to include shivering isle achievements. Oblivion now has a possible 1250 points.





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20 03 2007
20 03 2007

No, if you click on anyones gamercard right now you can see each achievement etc…it has been implented onto gamercards i.e. no longer rumor fact, pretty cool might just bring me back into oblivion!

20 03 2007

Ah I see, cool. I was thinking about getting Oblivion for the expansion and playing through it some more, but I realized I should buy some arcade games first if anything.

20 03 2007


20 03 2007

haha I wasn’t that impressed with it…I know your gonna consider that blasphemy.

21 03 2007
Arizona Jedi

Worms = Poops McGee

21 03 2007
Tony (aka Coolhandm3)

Poops McGee = Cool… haahahaha

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