Xcast Episode 25 Recorded on March 18th 2007

19 03 2007

This episode I almost had the full Xcast team on the show. I had two out of the three members of the team not including myself, Arizona Jedi and Tony aka CooLHandM3. This episode we talked about news from the site, the achievement system, backwards compatibility, Halo 3 and much more. This episode Arizona Jedi talked about his new found salvation in the PS3 and how he sold his Wii to get one, sounds crazy? I agree. Also this episode we gave you some community news and gave you our thoughts on “The 300”. One more thing, sorry for the audio quality of my guests, we are trying to work on perfecting Skype for the next show.

Intro music- Orthodox Pleasure by “Bit Rationale” found over at Podsafe Audio.
Outro music-“How to Kill a Brand” by Doc Adams.

Download Episode #25 here!

Links to things mentioned in the show:
The Worst Achievements

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




8 responses

19 03 2007

I can’t believe I missed this one!

19 03 2007

A great episode as usual. But there was something off. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. What I think the episode needed was a little more Corran125. But a great episode nonetheless.

19 03 2007

Hahaha Justin would probably come here and contradict that with something WonderRob so get ready for it. Corran will probably be on the next episode along with a mystery guest if they can both make it.

19 03 2007

Justin is scared of my macho nachoness, thats right macho nachoness he is lacking in his macho nachoness and feels threatened and must rag on Corran125 because he needs to leech off of my macho nachoness! NACHO!!

20 03 2007

ahahhaahahahahah can’t wait till he sees that one.

20 03 2007

Oh and Justin as I lisen to your crude impression of me…I have no problem playing without achievements I do have a Wii…You are the one who refused to play Zelda or even your Wii at all because you “Can’t get any achievements on my Wii!” Look at the pot calling the kettle black buddy

20 03 2007

Like I said Justin, you must like achievements…look at your gamerscore. Ha we should save the debate for the new Xcast, I got my skype working so that will be cool.

21 03 2007
Arizona Jedi

Corran, when you learn how to spell “listen” you let me know.

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