Worms Review

7 03 2007

Alright, after finally downloading the full version of the highly anticipated Worms here are my thoughts…

Honestly, it is not that much different from the original Worms game, a few key differences being that a few weapons have actually been removed including the coveted holy hand grenade! However this really does not detract all that much from the game-play. On the positive side this game supports up to 4 separate Worms teams over xbox live allowing for some serious Worms ownage. My only gripe with it is the same gripe I have always had with The Worms games being that after an hour or two the game-play begins to  become rather repetitive, just shooting back and forth back and forth, fun but still  and monotonous as time goes on. Overall if you are a Worms fan then this is a must buy especially with 4 player multiplayer! Overall I give Worms a 7 out of 10.  A fun game but not all that different from the original.





3 responses

8 03 2007

Nice review, yea I always thought the Worms games were very repetitive but fun.

8 03 2007

I give it a 0 out of 10. I haven’t played it yet

8 03 2007

” ‘I got Worms’… that’s what we are gonna call it. ‘I got Worms’. We are going to specailize in selling ant farms. You know, kind of like ant farms.”

I will have to try the demo before i make a purchase. but good review corran!

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