GOW Achievement Update!?

6 03 2007

I got this one from Xbox 360 Fanboy posted by David Dreger aka Knuckles Dawson. Are you sick of not being able to unlock achievements in GOW Player Matches? Are you even thinking about getting rid of Gears because of this? Well think about that for a second. There is a rumor going around that soon you may be able to unlock achievements for online play with your friends in Player Matches. Also there is a rumor of a few new maps and weapons coming out for Gears as well. Now these are just rumors, but you never know they could be true. If that is true, I cannot wait because then I would play Gears of War more often to unlock some more achievements while playing with my friends.

(Via Xbox 360 Fanboy)

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




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