Crackdown funny story…It all happened when I got my hand on this golden ball.

3 03 2007

Check this out.  This is hilarious.  I think that I am going to find this golden ball and see what damage I can do with it.  If anyone knows where to find it let me know.

-Tony (Gamertag: CoolHandM3)




5 responses

3 03 2007

Its called the Observatory Globe, people have tried to explain to me where it is we gotta find it in some co-op.

3 03 2007

I got that achievement 😀

3 03 2007

Corran125…where in the world is it. I tried searching for it. It was funny when the guy dropped it on his head.

3 03 2007

If you start in the Agency keep get a car and drive out the number 2 exit as soon as your out of the exit get out of the car and turn left, then jump over the mountains there and you’ll see a dome in the middle of the rocks, that dome has a courtyard and the globe is in the courtyard just shoot the explosives next to it and it will knock it off its pedastal allowing you to carry it around.

4 03 2007

Cool thanks. I will definitely try

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