Giving Crackdown Some More Credit

23 02 2007

Alright I know in Xcast Episode #21 Corran and I gave you a brief overview of what we thought about Crackdown. See for me the missions in co-op not carrying over to my city was disappointing. But after playing the game I realized that this game is not just about the missions. One of the main points of the game is increasing your skills. The agility orbs are just plain out addicting. After you level up one of your skills once you will be sucked in like I was. The achievements are also a great point of the game, achievements like body and car juggler are alot of fun to get. Also after playing some more co-op games, I really don’t care that the missions do not carry over because your skills do. Helping your friend reach agility orbs by having them get in a car and you throwing them is pretty entertaining. Basically to sum it all up, Crackdown is worth the 60 dollars and if you get it, the Halo 3 beta is just a nice little bonus. But one last thing to point out is if you are looking for a driving game, Crackdown is probably not the best thing to buy, I find jumping from building to building to be another main point of the game as well as trying to scale the highest buildings. Alright that’s enough from me, Crackdown was definitely worth the cash.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




2 responses

24 02 2007

I agree, the more I play the more addicted I become…I need more orbs!

28 02 2007
Arizona Jedi

Quiet Corran! You don’t deserve orbs

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