Xcast Episode #19 Recorded on February 5th 2007-Debut of the Active Reload Song

6 02 2007

Xcast Episode #19 Recorded on February 5th 2007

Yep I finally recorded the long awaited Episode #19. This Episode I debuted the Active Reload Song created by a few listeners of the Xcast: Arizona Jedi, Samuel Whyte, Honoo Kenja 08, and grandslam7jb. Thanks for contributing and I’m sorry if you sent me clips that I did not include. Maybe there will be an Active Reload Song 2nd Edition? I read off a few Itunes Reviews from Arizona Jedi and Will aka WiredToast. I went over some guidelines that were set for achievements and talked about how achievements might give us some awards. I talked about my experience on DeaconBlade 360’s debut of Unscripted Nights. Go check out the Xbox 360 Fanboy Podcast or Fancast as they like to call it and the KOXM Episode #50.

Please post your reviews for the Xcast on the Itunes Music Store. (Link will open Itunes)

Download Episode #19 here!

Thanks For Listening!

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)

Links to things mentioned in the show:




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