Debut of DeaconBlade 360’s Unscripted Nights!

3 02 2007

I just participated in the first of DeaconBlade 360’s Unscripted Nights. If you guys don’t know what they are, it is when Deacon plays with his listeners and various other members of the community. Man this was a lot of fun. For the first Unscripted Night, we played a little title that is known as Gears Of War. I got to play three matches and then Deacon had to send invites out for the next cycle of players. My team played very well in all three matches with me sealing the win with a head shot in the last round of the final match . I pretty much surprised everybody because I wasn’t doing so well in the beginning of the final match. If you guys are looking for a good time on Xbox Live you have to check out DeaconBlade’s Unscripted Nights.

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




2 responses

3 02 2007

on and i’m signing in with Google now to see if it works lol


3 02 2007

it was definitely a great time with ya! dude you had some major skills my friend!

but it was easily the most fun i’ve had on Xbox Live in a LONG time…i appreciate you taking some time to join in on the debut!

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