The 360 tops holiday sales charts….not surprising to me!

3 01 2007

The Xbox 360 has beat the competition in more ways than one, one way is with the great online service of Xbox Live and the other is by selling more consoles than the competition. The Xbox 360 sold about 2 million units, while Nintendo’s Wii came pretty close with about 1.8 million and Sony’s PS3 sold about 750,000 units. I can think of a few reasons why the stats came out like this. First of all is the awesome community that makes up what we know as Xbox Live from the podcasters to the players everyone makes up this great community. Second is probably Nintendo mastering motion sensing capability with the Wii. Third Sony is sort of how should I say lacking exclusive games and the price point is unbelievably high with a machine that puts out pretty much the same graphics as the 360. I know the reason for the PS3 not selling well has nothing to do with it being available or not, like I said I saw a car in my neighborhood with a PS3 for sale sign on it and the PS3 has been seen in stores like Best Buy and Gamespot throughout the USA so you guys do the math either there is no demand for the machine or more than half of people in the world went on a vacation this holiday to a very dark cave where they were cut off from society. So there you have it folks the 360 is doing quite well, don’t you agree?

-Frank (Gamertag: TheMan661)




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