TheMan661’s Xcast Episode 7: Xcast Show Overhaul …

2 11 2006

TheMan661’s Xcast Episode 7: Xcast Show Overhaul

This show the Xcast went through a complete show overhaul! I am now bringing you hi-def and more detailed episodes. I will still give you the Xbox 360 news, reviews,interviews and more… But on top of that I added brand new content to represent YOU the gamer. I added a new segment in which I will share with the world your opinions. The segment is called “Gamer Opinion” I will be having blog based polls on my blog at and I will relay most of your comments to the world on my podcast. My next new segment is called “Gamer-Created Content” In this segment I will speak about content created by you the gamer and possibly share (audio reviews) on my show. Send all content created by you whether it be drawings, audio or anything to I also mentioned new content and reviewed Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures. Also I talked about the world-wide “so called” problem of microtransactions.

Links that I mentioned in the show:– Saints Row Auto Update Information -Major Nelson on G4 -Elle’s article on the Fall update features. -360 song – Xbox 360 Selling Stats in Australia – My website (I put this on if you are viewing the Libsyn blog or .tk) – My new email address

New Listener Call In Line (Not toll free)

Call in number: 1-206-339-4661 (not a toll free number)




One response

2 11 2006

Where can I get episode’s 1-3? Can you post them on iTunes, even if they are out of order (Just call them Legacy Episode 1 or something))

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