Episodes 1-3-Here is the story Episodes 1-3 will …

2 11 2006

Episodes 1-3-Here is the story

Episodes 1-3 will be reposted on Itunes ASAP. I deleted them to make room on my sever.(I use LibSyn) Episodes 1-3– here is the story on these episodes. I had brought up to some gamers that I knew and ran into that I would be starting the show. They all wanted to be in it so I threw them in. So that is the story on episodes 1-3. These episodes are not content that will be featured on other episodes nor were they made with the new equipment in Episode #7 So if things seem a little out of order in these episodes I apologize in advance. For the uniform order of content that will be used from now on I suggest that you check Episode #7 (which can be downloaded here). So I will be trying to get these episodes out ASAP, storage space permitting. I thank you for bringing this up to me and I thank you for your listenership!

P.S- If you would like to be a co host please email me and I will try to get you on the show like the co hosts featured in episodes 1-3!

-Frank (Gamertag:TheMan661)




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